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My · name · is.. · SYLAR!

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Tip:  Thrashing near a headboard may cause bleeding and bloody pillows..

 That was a new experience for me.  Maybe skull injuries and I are old bedmates, but I've never really seen them bleed out all over the place and given a shit.  Now of course, I gave a shit, and it kind of scared me.

I don't like her blood, anywhere, never mind all over our nice clean bedsheets.

but more importantly than Mei's thrashing in the bedroom.

The Sander's family is no more.  Las Vegas has been cleansed of a blonde bitch that likes to wave around a parking meter.  Silly  bitch, she actually died with a bit of dignity.

... I didn't let her cry or anything.

Little Micah on the other hand, cried his eyes out.   Who wouldn't ? 

Any spawn of that dumb cunt was just asking for it. In my opinion.

* * *
She came back this afternoon.  Okay.  I was just about to go into a nap, after doing some hard beating the shit out of people all night and most of the morning

But my baby is back.  We took a nap together.  It was so good to have her snuggled against me.  I feared I'd never have that again.

she's so fucking awesome.  She pulled the wool over all of their eyes, and then punched them in the face.

Oh, she also kicked Petrelli while he was down.

My dick is so much bigger.  Fuck him.

Now. I'm going to go and spank my wife for letting herself get captured.

That's not a way to behave, is it?
* * *
Before anything else.  I am going to take those glasses, and I'm going to shove them.  Piece by piece, down his throat until he can't remember what it is like to breathe.  I'm going to beat him, torture him, and make him watch me as I defile pretty little Claire for the one thing no other boy wants from her.. that precious mind.

Then the good doctor is going to be dissected.  I'm going to cut him, and not stop cutting him until I'm satisfied.  But I will do my best to keep him alive, through the entire ordeal. I can promise that.

-- They took my Mei.  Precious little Mei, and they took her!   One scratch, one bruise.. they will be torn apart!  Nobody touches my wife, not ANYBODY!

I should have dropped that Taxi and torn them limb from limb.   But my heart was in danger.  I let them take her. I ALLOWED IT.

Now.  I will hunt them down until my last breath
* * *
Husband what a strange word to hear, just out of  nowhere.

I mean, she's beautiful.  She's creative, and for the most part.. she's fun to be around.

But she's kind of psychotic.  Who knows? Maybe I'll feel better about the idea after we go see her friends.

Maybe I won't. 

Time will have to tell on that one
* * *
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